Wheeler Dealers Season 1 Episode 6

1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI Part 2 - All Season 1 episodes

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Vehicle: 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Budget: £1,000

Purchase Price: £650

Final Cost After Restoration: £1,165

Final Selling Price: £1,550

Profit/Loss: +£385

Original air date: 21 October 2003

Work Completed: Refurbished the gear linkage, fitted a new brake master cylinder, 2 new interior air vents, new decals around the rear windscreen and on the door sills, new clock, ammeter and rev counter, new front spoiler, repainted the front VW badge from silver to black, repainted GTI-spec front grille insert from chrome to red and replaced the non original steel wheels with a refurbished set of Pirelli alloys.

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