Wheeler Dealers Season 3 Episode 1

1989 Volkswagen Transporter T3 Part 1 - All Season 3 episodes

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Vehicle:  1989 Volkswagen Transporter T3

Budget: £3,000

Purchase Price: £1,100

Final Cost After Restoration: £3,825

Final Selling Price: £1,500

Profit/Loss: -£2,325

Original air date: 23 August 2005


Work Completed: Fixed sliding door and fitted window, fitted a new rear bumper, replaced the glowplugs, fitted a new fanbelt, changed the engine oil, replaced the oil filter, lowered suspension, fitted new plywood lining panels, rock and roll bed, installed camper van appliances, repaired a dent in the nearside rear quarter panel, full-body vinyl wrap, painted interior light blue, added artificial grass carpeting and fitted a new exhaust, moondisc hubcaps and a new front VW badge.

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