Wheeler Dealers Season 6 Episode 13

1988 Mini City 1000 Part 1 - All Season 6 episodes

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Vehicle: 1988 Mini City 1000

Budget: £5,000

Purchase Price: £700

Final Cost After Restoration: £2,290

Final Selling Price: £2,600

Profit/Loss: +£310

Original air date: 27 October 2009

Work Completed: Replaced the original steel wheels with a set of gold Minilite alloys with new tyres, fitted a chrome rocker cover, fitted a chrome coil housing, fitted new HT leads, full body vinyl wrap in carbon fiber pattern with white bonnet stripes and a black, grey and white Union Jack roof pattern, replaced the original grey interior with a new black interior with Cobra racing seats, new door cards, new rear seat covers and all black carpets, replaced the nearside radius swing arm, replaced the original instrument binnacle with a retro central unit with a new speedometer and a new wiring loom, replaced the choke cable, replaced the aftermarket square front and rear numberplates with new rectangle units, replaced the aftermarket clear taillight lenses with factory coloured units and polished all the brightwork.

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