Wheeler Dealers Season 7 Episode 10

1968 Lotus Elan S4 - All Season 7 episodes

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Vehicle: 1968 Lotus Elan S4

Budget: £10,000

Purchase Price: £8,500

Final Cost After Restoration: £11,685

Final Selling Price: £16,700

Profit/Loss: +£5,015

Original air date: 9 November 2010

Work Completed: Replaced the front and midsections of the exhaust system (including the manifold) with a stainless steel unit, fitted new exhaust manifold gaskets, replaced both front suspension ball joints, replaced the rubber driveshaft “doughnut” couplings with custom made constant velocity joint assemblies, repainted the wheels from black to silver and fitted new chrome spinners, fixed the nearside pop up headlamp so they both opened and closed correctly, replaced the modern rear numberplate with a classic black unit with silver characters and a full body respray in the car’s original red/white combination.

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