Wheeler Dealers Season 9 Episode 3

2000 BMW M5 - All Season 9 episodes

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Vehicle: 2000 BMW M5

Budget: £5,000

Purchase Price: £4,000

Final Cost After Restoration: £5,770

Final Selling Price: £6,500

Profit/Loss: + £730

Original air date: 3 April 2012

Work Completed: New front suspension strut mounts fitted (supplied by the seller), worn alternator bearings replaced instead of buying whole new part, “Angel eyes” headlights and taillights from 2001 model year fitted,[2] replaced the front foglights, auto-dimming rearview mirror and nearside door mirror replaced, bonnet repaired and resprayed, missing sound damping under the bonnet refitted, new air filters fitted and alloy wheels refurbished and painted in gunmetal metallic paint.

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  1. Great videos but as you’ve mentiond very fragile to attacks from third parties.
    The material is though worth some patience.

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