Wheeler Dealers Season 9 Episode 11

1996 Nissan Skyline GTS - All Season 9 episodes

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Vehicle: 1996 Nissan Skyline GTS

Budget: £3,500

Purchase Price: £3,000

Final Cost After Restoration: £3,655

Final Selling Price: £4,500

Profit/Loss: + £845

Original air date: 9 October 2012

Work Completed: Custom Japanese wheels replaced as part of purchase deal. Rusty metal on the strut tower cut out and replaced with a patch from another Skyline, standard intercooler swapped for a larger one and front bumper modified to relocate the intercooler from the inner wing to the front of the car behind the front bumper, strut brace fitted, stock rear spoiler replaced with an adjustable aftermarket one, suspension set up for drifting: front camber adjusted to -2.6°, front caster adjusted -6.5° and rear camber adjusted to -0.9°. Also the tracking was readjusted.

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