Wheeler Dealers Season 11 Episode 10

2001 Audi TT - All Season 11 episodes

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Vehicle: 2001 Audi TT

Budget: £1,950

Purchase Price: £1,500

Final Cost After Restoration: £2,153.50

Final Selling Price: £3,600

Profit/Loss: +£1,446.50

Original air date: 15 September 2014

Work Completed: Replaced faulty bolt in gearbox selector fork. Changed clutch and oil and filter in the Haldex-coupling. Replaced multifunction display in the instrument cluster since it had dead pixels. Replaced two broken switches for the passenger’s side window. Blind headlights replaced with aftermarket units.

Notes: Bought with a faulty 6-speed manual gearbox that could not select first and second gear. The rivet for the selector fork sheared off, but did not get into the gears. Edd fixed it by putting in bolt and nylon nut instead of a new rivet. Edd usually does not work on gearboxes, but as there was obviously something big broken he tried fixing it himself, got lucky and replaced just a bolt for 50 pence. A new replacement gearbox would have cost £4,000, which was way over budget. Took the completed car on a test drive to Xscape indoor ski slope in Central Milton Keynes.

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