Series 11 Episode 2

Series: 11
Episode: 2
Vehicle: 1996 Porsche 911 Targa

Episode 2

Work Completed: Engine performance problem resolved by replacing one of the VarioRam lifters in the intake manifold, shock absorbers replaced with custom-built units complete with Wheeler Dealers logos on top of the strut mounts at a cost of £3,000, brake back plates and suspension drop links replaced, rear spoiler mechanism repaired by replacing faulty crown wheel, leather steering wheel, gear knob & gaiter, and rear lights replaced with salvage parts, new tailpipes, clear fog lamps and indicators, and halogen headlamp bulbs installed, alloys fully refurbished & new tyres installed, body given a deep cut and polish and both front and rear numberplates replaced.

Notes: Restored car taken to Yorkshire Dales to participate in a Porsche 911 club drive-out. The leather interior was significantly worn on purchase and not attended to during the program, however it had been restored when the car was sold.