Series 8 Episode 8

Series: 8
Episode: 8
Vehicle: 1954 Chevrolet 3100 Stepside

Episode 8

Work Completed: Engine upgraded from single to twin carburettors with new manifold, engine bay resprayed to match Chrysler Cream body colour (paint supplied by seller), flatbed floor wood replaced, replaced the chrome tailgate chains, fitted a new chrome rear emblem, soundproofing installed inside the cab to reduce engine noise and vibrations, white grille replaced with chrome version, repainted the front Chevrolet badge and replaced the original wheels (including the side mounted spare) with a set of new powdercoated black “Smoothie” wheels with chrome beauty rings and chrome hubcaps.

Notes: Purchased near San Francisco, California. Restoration price includes £1,950 shipping, £300 import tax and £1000 travel expenses. First pickup truck in the series. The rear axle and leafs springs were also repainted satin black, the exhaust seems to have either been replaced or cleaned up and the side skirts repainted but not mentioned on the show.